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  • About us

    FASD Hub Scotland provide a support service for adoptive and biological parents, foster carers, kinship carers and step parents across Scotland, and the professionals who work and support these families. Read more

  • Basics: What is FASD?

    Find out some of the key information about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder – FASD. Read more

  • Events & News

    Looking for the latest FASD Hub news and event? Find all you need to know here. Read more

  • FASD training

    FASD Hub offer training to all parents and carers of individuals with FASD/PAE and the professionals who support them. Read more

  • International FASD Month

    Find out how to be involved in our FASD Month Activities this year. Read more

  • Our FASD Hub Community

    Finding a community of people who understand you and get your journey can make all the difference. Find out how to join our community today. Read more

FASD HUB Resources

  • Advice & information for Parents & Carers

    Insights, strategies and and top tips for parents, carers & children. Read more

  • Basics: What is FASD?

    Find out some of the key information about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder – FASD. Read more

  • FASD Education Resources

    Education can bring many challenges for children and young people with FASD or a history of prenatal alcohol exposure. However, with the right support, learners can achieve great things. Read more

  • FASD Hub factsheets

    Our FASD factsheets are helpful, quick and easy resources for adopters and educators – they're great for sharing too! Available for all nations in the UK. Read more

  • Key Information for professionals

    Information and resources around education and social work. Read more

  • Webinars

    Catch up on our previous FASD webinars Read more

Signposting & Recommended Resources

  • FASD Diagnosis

    Seeking a diagnosis? These guidance documents have been developed for use by parents/carers and clinicians. Read more

  • FASD language guides and useful links

    Confused to terminology? These resources are a guide to ensuring the language you use promotes the dignity of individuals with FASD. Read more

  • FASD Podcasts & Blogs

    List of listening and reading resources with further FASD information. Read more

  • FASD Research

    Can you support the research community in learning more about FASD/PAE? Read more

  • Scottish FASD Network and Service Directory

    The directory lists local and national organisations who provide support & services to families and individuals. Read more

  • Volunteer for Us

    Could you help make a difference in our community?  Do you have skills and talents to share with others? Why not become a volunteer for FASD Hub UK.  Find out more today. Read more