NOW recruiting Scottish young people with FASD diagnosis (age 12-19) for a photo-based study 

Hi! My name is Miranda Eodanable and I am a part-time PhD student at the University of Edinburgh. 

My photo-based study aims to understand the experiences and identity of young people with FASD. Participants need to: 

  • Be young people aged 12- 19 years 
  • Be in education (school or college) 
  • Have a diagnosis or be in final stages of being diagnosed with FASD. Young people may also have a diagnosis of FAS or Neurodevelopmental Disorder with Prenatal Alcohol Exposure. 

In the UK, there is very little research about how young people view their diagnosis and any disabilities associated with FASD. Therefore, by understanding young people’s experiences of FASD, it will clarify what the FASD diagnosis means to them and what kind of support they value.  

This study is a ‘Photovoice’ study: young people will be asked to take photographs that tell a story about their daily lives, their experiences, and the support that they receive and what they would like. They will be interviewed about these experiences and the photographs they take.   

If you are interested or your child is interested: 

  • If a young person is under the age of 16, the parent must also give consent for the young person to participate in this study. 
  • All parents of 12-19 years olds are also asked to sign a consent form if they are willing to fill in two short questionnaires. 

Under 16 consent form for parent/carer

Over 16 consent form for parent/carer

University of Edinburgh LogoAll the information sheets and consent forms for young people and parents are on this webpage. If you need paper copies of the consent forms or have any questions about the study, please email [email protected]

If you would like to take part, PLEASE SEND ALL CONSENT FORMS DIRECTLY to [email protected] Paper consent forms and envelopes can also be made available by Miranda.