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The complete package of support for prospective adopters. 

AUK Passport is the complete package of support for Prospective Adopters.
Suitable for all prospective adopters (in England only at this time) at any stage of the journey. Sign up now and get access to monthly peer support meetings and our 10 module learning programme, which gives you all the information you need to consider when adopting. Passport membership also includes full access to all our Family membership benefits too. 

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If you are visiting AUK Passport for the first time, you are being funded by your adoption agency and you need to register for access please hit the sign up button and complete the registration form, you'll then be asked to set up an online account for web-access. 

Self funded membership: Self-funded sign up:           - From just £7.50 per month on direct debit

If you are signing up for AUK Passport membership and paying for it yourself, simply click on the link above and follow the instructions. 

Please note that AUK Passport is only available for prospective adopters in England currently. We'll be making it available for Wales and Scotland in the coming months so please keep an eye on this page and email: [email protected] to be notified when it is available.

AUK Passport membership upgrade for existing family members: Passport Upgrade:           - You will need to be logged in to access and complete upgrade

If you are an existing Adoption UK member, but still a prospective adopter, you may like to consider enhancing your membership experience with our fantastic new Passport.

AUK Passport is a complete package of support for prospective adopters at any stage in their approval and matching journey. It features a comprehensive 10 module learning programme (including a completion certificate to share with your agency) and access to monthly support group meetings with other like minded adopters - led by experienced members of the Adoption UK staff team.

All of this for just one additional payment of £30. Passport membership upgrade is for one 12 month period.

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