Adoption UK carries out a lot of our own research: 

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This evidence underpins much of the work we do, particularly our campaigning and lobbying efforts. With rigorous research and a strong evidence-base, we can better identify the needs of adoptive families and work more effectively to support our members.


We are often contacted by researchers wishing to talk to adopted people and adopters as part of their research. Below are some current opportunities. Please note that Adoption UK does not have any involvement in these projects. We always advise that you read all the information provided and talk to the researcher before deciding whether to get involved.


No research opportunities to be shared at this time



Adopted adults and young people:

 ‘There has been very little research carried out in the UK on the experiences and views of adult adoptees. Here are some current studies where the researchers are looking for adult adoptees to be involved.’ 

Adoption UK is not endorsing the design of these studies.  We will only share details of studies that are being carried out as part of a post-graduate university course.

The Nuffield: Expressions of Self

The team at the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations, Coventry University, would like to talk to care-experienced children and young people from ‘minoritised’ ethnic groups, to understand their identities. The research team is looking for participants for the study: children and young people (aged 14 to 19) who are from a minoritised ethnic group (Black, Asian and mixed heritage) including those of complex ethnic identities and/or biracial. The research team is interested in hearing their perspectives on ethnicity, religion and identity, the research outcomes will inform multiple social care stakeholders about how they can best meet children’s needs. You are invited to participate in this research if you have responsibility (in a personal or professional capacity) for children or young people (aged 14–19) who are in or have been in care and who are from a minoritised religious and ethnic background. All participants will be offered a £20 voucher in recognition of their contributions to the research project. If you have any questions or would like to participate please contact the Nuffield: Expressions of Self Team. The team will also be able to provide detailed information about research process and ethics.

Contact the Team: Dr Sariya Cheruvallil-Contractor, Associate Professor, CTPSR [email protected]


Access to adoption records in Wales Body

Are you an adopted adult living in or adopted from Wales who has accessed or tried to access your birth records over the last 10 years? We at Adoption UK would very much like to hear about your experiences. We have been commissioned by the National Adoption Service in Wales to conduct research with the intention of improving services in the future. If you would like to participate in this survey please fill in the questionnaire:


A research project by the University of Manchester focusing on communication about adoption and the impact of this on an individual’s identity and sense of self.

This study is recruiting two different age groups, 16-24 years old and 25 years +.

The study is looking for people who:

  • Are aged 16+
  • Have been adopted as a child (under the age of 18 years) in the UK
  • Own a mobile phone/computer and have access to email.
  • Understand and speak English.

The interviewer will ask about your experience of adoption. This will take the form of a conversation and may include questions about how adoption has been talked about with you, and about contact with your birth family. If interested, please email [email protected]. (aged 16 – 24 years) or [email protected]  (aged 25 years +). If you wish to take part, you will first be invited to a telephone conversation where the researchers can provide further information.


How do the stories we tell about adoption impact upon self-concept in adolescents?

The research team (based in the Division of Psychology and Mental Health) are interested in understanding how people learn about their
adoption and how adoption is talked about and supported within families. We aim to explore how conversations about adoption have an impact on how people feel about themselves.

The study is looking for people who:

  • Are aged 16-24
  • Have been adopted as a child (under the age of 16 years) in the UK
  • Would feel comfortable sharing your story in an interview with one of our researchers

Please visit the website by scanning the QR code below. Alternatively, email [email protected] If you wish to take part, you will first be invited to a telephone conversation where we can provide further information.


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