Through our membership and public events, we support and connect adopted people, adoptive parents, prospective adopters and the community around children who cannot live with their birth parents

Join the thousands of adopted people, prospective adopters, adoptive parents, Special Guardians, long-term foster carers and practitioners who make up the Adoption UK family. We're with you every step of the journey.


Find out more about our membership options:

Adopted Person Membership
from £2.50 per month

Meet other members in online community groups, watch a curated selection of recorded webinars and receive a bi-monthly newsletter.

Family Membership
from just £4.50 per month

Information, support and community at every stage of your adoption journey. Plus opportunities to influence policy decisions that affect your family.

Passport Membership
from just £7.50 per month

AUK Passport membership is an enhanced membership package for prospective adopters, suitable for any adopter during the approval and matching stages of your journey. It incorporates full family membership, in addition, access to our 10 module learning programme and monthly support groups with other like minded prospective adopters. 

Friends and relatives membership
from just £2.75 per month

This membership is for the extended network of friends and relatives who support the children who are adopted and their adopters. Adoption UK offer a space to learn and understand more about adoption in a growing and welcoming community.

Need more information?

To find out more about Adoption UK membership, get in touch by emailing the membership team or by calling us on 01295 752252