Articles in the April 2018 edition:

  • Q&A with John Buultjens 
    BMX superstar, Hollywood actor and adoptee, John Buultjens is the latest addition to Adoption UK’s team ofambassadors.

  • Sometimes the best therapists have four legs
    A canine friend can not only bring love and joy into a child’s life, but also have a real effect on their social, emotional and physical development.

  • Getting violence out of your home
    Catherine Marcus looks at how Non Violent Resistance courses and support groups are helping parents living with aggressive children.

  • For better and for worse
    Life coach and adoptive mother of three Nicola Marshall talks about how to support your marriage when you become an instant family.

  • It takes a village to raise a child
    When Liam was struggling in mainstream secondary school, his community pulled together to form an alternative plan for a year to get him through his education.

  • A complicated story
    Adoptee Daniel Coole on growing up and coming to terms with all aspects of his family and the legacy into adulthood.

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