We wanted to use the latest digital technology to give adoptive families more and better ways to build their knowledge and support networks online. So we’ve teamed up with online family matching service Link Maker to create the Adoption UK Community. We have launched an improved version of our online forum, including live chat and a play date finder, and we’re developing a range of other features, including live chat with experts, and new functionality to help local support groups to flourish.

Development Update: As part of our partnership with Link Maker, we’re striving to make the Adoption UK community better for all users by taking user feedback on board when possible. Please see a collection of technical issues/features that we have found, or that we’ve noted from user feedback posted to the forums (*updated) here

This means:
• You have new ways to find other adopters directly, based on where they live and their situation or family make-up.
• You can create friend groups, find play dates and live-chat with other families in safety.
• Forum users will find new features such as improved text formatting. All of the old forum content remains available.

Can I just use the Adoption UK forum like I have been doing?

Yes, just re-register in order to post. This is quick and simple, and the forum will remain free and open to all. Please follow the instructions in our comprehensive user guide:

Adoption UK community user guide

For instructions on how to use the Chat/private messaging function click here

How can I access the new community features?
As previously mentioned, you will need to re-register for the Adoption UK forum. All extra features will be available through your new user account. The new networking features will only be available to those whose identity we have successfully verified with an adoption agency as part of the new registration process.


If you have any questions about Adoption UK membership, or want to check your membership number, please contact Adoption UK on 01295 752240.

If you have any questions about the new community features, or your current user account on Link Maker, please contact us via our contact page or call our support team on 0843 886 0040.