Important research that Adoption UK has conducted includes: 

December 2020 - Review of the Covid-19 Emergency ASF Scheme: insights for future adoption support

January 2019 - Top of the class: How should we be judging our schools?

September 2018 - Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Diagnostic challenges and recommendations for the future

June 2018 - Bridging the Gap: Giving adopted children an equal chance in school

December 2017 - Adoption UK responds to House of Commons Science & Technology Committee's inquiry into Adverse Childhood Experiences

November 2017 - The Department for Education announces additional funding for the Adoption Support Fund following a survey by Adoption UK asking parents how the fund is working for them

November 2017 - Adoption produces a report into adopted children and exclusions rates in school following a survey of adopters.

September 2017 - Adoption UK and the BBC conduct a  joint investigation into modern-day adoption

2014 - Adopted children's experiences of education

2013 - Listen up - Speak out! In 2013 we surveyed our members in N. Ireland about their experience of the adoption journey. The resulting report provides everyone in the adoption arena in N. Ireland a better, evidence based understanding of how adopters view the adoption process and the challenges they face.

2013 - Research for the Department for Education on Adoption Support which helped bring about the Adoption Support Fund in England

2012 - It takes a village to raise a childWe undertook an online survey to find out more about adopters' understanding of and need for adoption support services and to gain a better picture of the actual provision of adoption support services across the UK. The survey ran from October 2011 to January 2012. We received 455 responses, representing more than 700 children.

2010 - Waiting to be parents: adopters' experiences of being recruitedIn 2010 we carried out a survey of our membership to understand their experiences of being recruited as adopters and of the assessment and preparation process