Education can bring many challenges for children and young people with FASD or a history of prenatal alcohol exposure. However, with the right support, learners can achieve great things. FASD Hub Scotland had produced a number of resources to support parents, carers and educators. This includes a series of FASD Education factsheets and our FASD: Insights and Strategies for educators and professional training modules.

If you are working with a family who you think could benefit from our 1:1 Family Service please contact us via our FASD Helpline, open Tuesday-Friday, 10am to 2.30pm by calling 0300 666 0006 (select option 2).  


NEW! Top Tips for Supporting Individuals with FASD

Ideal for educators, these are our top tips for supporting individuals with FASD 

Have you seen our animation, FASD Makes Me, Me? Ideal for using in school to introduce the topic of FASD and Prenatal Alcohol Exposure. This animation was co-created by children, young people and adults with FASD with the support of their families.

NEW! We have created FASD Makes Me, Me education resource packs for primary and secondary schools to accompany the animation. 

Primary School Resource pack

Secondary School Resource Pack

If you would like to speak to one of the FASD Hub Team, or to arrange a call with one of our education helpline advisors, you can email us at [email protected] and we would be happy to help

FASD: Insights and Strategies for Professionals

This course is for all those who support families and work in education, the Third Sector and those in social work supporting adoptive, fostering and kinship families. It is delivered either as a 3-hour or 2-part (90 min) course. A handbook will be provided so you can continue your learning in your own time.

The course cover topics including:

  • How alcohol affects the developing fetus
  • FASD, its prevalence and how it affects individuals
  • Brain development, and how alcohol affects brain development
  • Common challenges for individuals with FASD
  • Reframing our thinking
  • Strategies for success

You can check any dates currently taking bookings on our Eventbrite page

Education factsheets

Our FASD factsheets have been written by the FASD Hub Team, using their personal and professional knowledge of FASD to build a comprehensive bank of factsheets for caregivers and professionals. New factsheets are regularly added, so if you can’t find what you want, call our helpline and we will be able to help. 

Education factsheets


Additional recommended resources 

  • National FASD Preferred UK language Guide 
    Confused by terminology? Keen to make sure the language you use acknowledges the views of individuals with FASD? Here in the FASD Hub we follow language guides that have been developed in collaboration with individuals with FASD and their caregivers. By using common agreed language, we avoid stigma and promote dignity to those with FASD we care for or work with. 
  • Education Scotland 
    FASD Hub collaborated with Education Scotland to develop an online resources for all those working in education. This brief guide provides key information and signposting to other resources. 
  • Understanding FASD: What Educators Need to know
    This guide for educators has been published by the Fetal Alcohol Advisory and Support Team Scotland. Full of key information and top tips, it is a fantastic resource for educators. 
  • The Adopter’s Handbook on Education (Scotland)
    Written by Alison Rennie Parkinson, our colleague in Adoption UK, this guide contains advice and ideas on how early experience impact on a child’s behaviour in the classroom, choosing starting a new school and rights, special needs support and alternative provision and lots more.