At FASD Hub Scotland one of the key aspects of our service is making connections and building community. To support those parenting a loved one with a history of PAE or FASD and Adults with FASD we run and moderate two online communities through closed Facebook groups.   

Our Peer Support Group provides a closed and safe space for parents and carers to gain peer support, share their journey and knowledge with one another and interact with the Hub team. The group is moderated by members of the Hub team, the FASD Hub Parent Partners and volunteer moderators. Fortnightly a virtual meetup is run, which is open only to those within the group. 

To ensure the group continues to be a safe and supportive space for peer support, to identify potential sources of help or information we can provide, and to help us get to know our members a little better, we ask anyone who would like to join the group to complete our online registration form before we add them to the group:   

Join FASD Hub Scotland Peer Support Group 


Adults with FASD Group

If you are an 
Adult with FASD (aged 17+), and you either have an FASD diagnosis, or would identify as having FASD because of a history of prenatal alcohol exposure you are invited to join the group. The group was launched in May 2021, and established in collaboration with its founding member Carol Hunter, an adult with FASD. Please find details about the group and join through our FASD Hub Scotland Facebook page.    

The Adults with FASD Group has identified the gap in support for individuals like me living with FASD. It is not uncommon for the amazing support that is in place for care-experienced people or those living with FASD to stop once we reach a certain age. However, our experiences and barriers do not simply vanish, we still have difficulties to overcome as an adult, which need to be addressed and supported separately to younger individuals.  The new group addresses this, with a safe space provided to build up an online community, where experiences can be shared, voices can be heard, and responsive support can be put in place as and where required. I am so pleased to see this finally in place and to have had the opportunity to be involved with the discussions leading up to the new crucial line of support.” 

We look forward to welcoming you online and getting to know you.