Hi Everyone, my name is Carol and I am an adult with FASD and an adoptee.

I am excited to be leading the FASD Hub Scotland's work with Adults and Young People with FASD.

I am the Community Engagement Lead for Adoption UK and lead on their #E Project. I am also the Health and Wellbeing Adviser for Fife College and a Mum of three.

I am really looking forward to meeting others that want to create better support and peer networks for those with FASD. Anyone over the age of 16 with a history of pre-natal alcohol exposure is welcome to be involved, You do not have to have an FASD diagnosis. We will be bringing the voices of lived experience together to create better experiences and opportunities around various important transitions in our lives.

I look forward to meeting some of you in the future!


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Education & Employment

The topic of Education and Employment for those over the age of 16 with FASD can be extremely challenging. The barriers that we have faced while at school simply do not just go away once we reach a certain age, they develop with us creating more hurdles to overcome. 

However with the right awareness and education around this, education establishments and employers can support us to fully achieve within our chosen fields. The following resources outline our top tips, challenges and ways to make things easier for all involved: 

Education and Employment Factsheet


The transition from Secondary School to college or University is an important time for us with FASD. When done correctly, we can go on to achieve great things. To ensure that you are supporting us correctly as either a parent, carer or professional – check out our factsheet on how to ensure the right support is in place: 

Transitions Factsheet

Support In Employment

Getting into Employment and retaining employment for those with FASD is a challenging transition into adulthood for those with FASD. There is a lot of support out there, but knowing where to turn to can really help us feel less isolated and alone. Our factsheet details some of the fantastic support avenues to help us remain and succeed in Employment: 

Support in Employment Factsheet

Money & Benefits

Adults with FASD may struggle with maths, money, budgeting and time – so the topic of money and benefits as you can imagine is extremely challenging. Going into adulthood we are expected to be able to manage our money, pay bills on time and budget.... but this is completely out of our comfort zone  - it can be easier sticking our head in the sand and dealing with the consequences later! 

But with the right support and guidance to know where to turn to when things get a little overwhelming can help us on our way to be a little bit more “Money savvy” - let's face it none of us are perfect when it comes to money, we all splurge a little .. but we need to ensure that the necessities are covered! 

Check out our factsheets on the support out there for us in relation to Benefits, Housing and Low Income: 

Money and Benefits Factsheet

Everyday Life

Young people and Adults face many challenges going into adulthood, but particularly for those with FASD we can feel completely out of our depth. We are expected to know certain things by certain ages and more often than not, we are just not at that "stage" yet.  

Knowing that there is support out there for those similar to us can be extremely comforting. Check out our factsheet regarding the support available around topics that impact our daily lives:

Everyday Life Factsheet

Social Skills

Come back on 28th September!

During FASD Month 2023 we hosted webinars with Young people and Adults with FASD in mind. 

Here's Carol and Fiona talking about the tricky transitions between school, college and employment: