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Sleep Scotland We are pleased to offer a unique opportunity to participate in free collaborative training from Sleep Scotland and Adoption UK Scotland designed to help care experienced children and young people with sleep problems.

Research has shown that children and young people are extremely vulnerable to sleep difficulties and the significant associated physical and emotional problems caused by sleep deprivation. These sleep issues are often compounded when the children and young people also have an experience of care. Sleep Scotland has a proven track record providing training opportunities for professionals in health, social care, education and the voluntary sector to improve the quality of life of children and young people and their carers, through addressing sleep problems and establishing effective sleep routines. Adoption UK Scotland brings an understanding of care experienced and adopted children’s early experiences and the impact this can have on their sleep routines to make this training an opportunity to consider how to support parents and carers manage the impact of trauma and attachment difficulties.

Sleep Counsellor Training
Edinburgh, 13, 14, 15, 20, 21 June + 25 September 2017

Girlguiding Head Office, 33 Melville Street, Edinburgh, EH3 7JF.

Sleep Counsellor training is an in-depth six-day course for professionals working with children with additional support needs and sleep problems, providing delegates with a comprehensive knowledge of sleep processes and the psychology and physiology of sleep, especially for those with additional support needs and the cognitive and behavioural principles and techniques available in order to manage the sleep problems of children and young people with additional support needs. Participants will also get information about how to set up and run a sleep counselling service.

AUK Sleep Counsellor Application Form
Sleep Counsellor Training more info

Sleep Awareness Training
Edinburgh,22 & 3 June 2017
City of Edinburgh Methodist Church, 25 Nicolson Square, Edinburgh, EH8 9BX. 

Sleep Awareness Training is a two-day course for professionals working with mainstream children which will enable delegates to support families by giving advice on sleep hygiene and management techniques. As sleep support workers, delegates who attend this course will be able to offer support to mainstream children while complex cases will need to be referred to a fully trained sleep counsellor.

AUK Sleep Awareness Application Form
Sleep Awareness Training more info


To secure your place, all delegates must complete the relevant application form (see above) and return it to Sleep Scotland. It is highly likely that these courses will be oversubscribed so please return as soon as you can, and provide as much detail about your professional work with children and young people who have an experience of care as you can. Delegate selection will be based on the information provided.

Application forms to be returned to:
Email: cat@sleepscotland.org or Post: Sleep Scotland, 8 Hope Park Square, Edinburgh, EH8 9NW

For more details on any of these courses please see the above documents or visit Sleep Scotland's Website


Cost of courses ordinarily are as follows: Sleep Counsellor training: £790  and Sleep Awareness training: £250. However, due to specific funding these courses will be run without any upfront costs and will be free for successful delegates who attend each day of training.

Please note: given the expected popularity of the courses, a cancellation fee will be issued if a delegate fails to attend the full training course without adequate notice (£50 for Sleep Counsellor training, £20 for Sleep Awareness)