Training and Support - Scotland

Training events taking place in Scotland

Post adoption Stress Workshop with Lynda Graham:
Saturday 7th October, 10.30-2.30pm
Duddingston Yards, EH15 3NT.
Cost: £10 for members and £15 for non members

We are very pleased to welcome Lynda Graham, a counsellor specialising in adoption issues, to Scotland - http://www.lyndagrahamcounselling.co.uk/adoption-issues/
Settling into parenthood, or the post adoption period, can present its own difficulties for parents! Often these issues are not talked about or acknowledged and the emphasis is on the child and their well-being but what about the new parents? Sometimes admitting that there is a problem is too difficult or you are afraid to tell your social worker or anyone else that you are struggling?

This workshop allows the opportunity to focus on ‘the parents’ and what it means to welcome a new child into their family. Not everyone will suffer from post adoption depression – some will have the blues for a few days. During this workshop we will open up this topic and talk about the impact of having a child placed. We will focus on the issue of Post Adoption Depression and will be of benefit to parents, prospective parents and social workers. 

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Life in the Classroom
Thursday 28th September, 10 – 3.30pm  

St Andrew’s Children’s Society, St John’s Place, Edinburgh.
Cost: £15 for members and £25 non members.

Life in the classroom looks at the causes of trauma and the subsequent impact of developmental trauma on learning.  It examines attachment styles and the Dan Hughes model of PLACE – which emphasises the benefits of a Playful, Loving, Accepting, Curious and Empathetic approach.

This one-day learning opportunity has been designed to support adoptive parents, prospective adopters, carers and education practitioners working with children who are struggling with life in the classroom.

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