This page contains a series of factsheets providing information and covering a variety of adoption related topics relevant to Scotland.

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Tracing and Contact

Talking to our Children about Adoption

Family Tracing and Contact *New

Life Story Work*New


The Adoption Process

Scotland's Adoption Register 

Dispelling the Myths of Adoption *New


Adopted Children and Education

List of education resources

Top Tips for Teachers

Education Funding Support for Adopted Children in School
We’d like to hear from you if you are successful in accessing this funding and what kind of support you receive. Please contact us at [email protected] 

Preparing for a School Meeting 

Education Help Sheet Supports and Strategies 

Education Help Sheet Support and Startegies Example 

Education Helpsheet ABC Chart 

Teacher Toolkit Top Tips for Teachers *New

Sensory Systems and Managing the School Environment *New


Therapeutic Re-parenting

Parenting Adopted Teenagers

Dan Hughes PLACE

Parenting Promoting good sleep in adopted children


Adoption and the Law

Subject Access Request

Benefits and Funding 

Adoption Pay and Leave *New


What is FASD?

FASD Hub Scotland, FASD Support & Resources 

How to seek a diagnosis