We provide support to adopters and prospective adopters in Wales through a dedicated office, based in Cardiff. This page provides information on adoption and the kind of support we can provide for adopters in Wales.

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Talented actress Poppy is the bilingual star of Adoption UK’s powerful new short film, ‘Understanding Nia’. You can watch the video in English and Welsh below.

The film was produced by Cardiff company Rockadove for Adoption UK Cymru. The shoot took place in a local primary school during the half term holidays.


It features a poem voiced by Poppy, telling the story of young adoptee Nia, for whom school is a scary and lonely place.

Three quarters of adopted children have faced violence, abuse or neglect before being adopted. For many of them, school is a daily struggle for survival. Adopted children are 20 times more likely to be excluded, and much more likely to leave school with no qualifications.

Nia’s story highlights the need for everyone working with children to understand their behaviour as a form of communication.

English language version

Welsh language verision