We provide support to adopters and prospective adopters in Wales through a dedicated office, based in Cardiff. This page provides information on adoption and the kind of support we can provide for adopters in Wales.

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Please note: During these unprecedented times, training & face to face events have been cancelled for the time being. They will resume as soon as it’s safe & appropriate and we will update accordingly.

In the meantime, you can take part in our Adoption UK Wales Online Training: download the flyer for more info and dates.

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We represent the views of adoptive parents in Wales on the Advisory Board of the National Adoption Service.

  • Adoption waiting times in Wales halved since national agency set up

Adoption UK welcomes the news that adoption waiting times in Wales have halved but warns that more still needs to be done to improve mental health services if the full benefits of speedy placements are to be realised: Read More

We are also involved in several research projects and constantly campaign on behalf of adoptive parents:

Report: The provision and experience of adoption support services in Wales: Perspectives from adoption agencies and adoptive parents (2014)

A team of researchers from Cardiff University examined the current service provision in Wales.

Report: support needs of adoptive families in Wales

Research carried out by Adoption UK Wales reveals that much more needs to be done to support adopters in Wales.