Adoption UK are really pleased to be working in partnership with One Adoption North and Humber to bring members in the region a special selection of webinars and Saturday family activities. 

We are staging four very special webinars throughout February and a monthly Saturday family activity on the last Saturday of the month from January to March. 

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Saturday 30th January 2021 @ 11am - Art, Drama and Music with Rachel Swanick 

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This interactive session is aimed at over 7-year olds and parents.

The activity encourages communication and well-being, with four ten-minute activities:

  • Music
  • Art
  • Drama
  • Guided Meditation

The resources you'll want to have to hand for this session:

  • Music – instruments and your singing voice
  • Art – paper, pens etc.
  • Drama - blankets and sheets to make a den - perhaps a chair or something to make a structure
  • Guided Meditation – a comfy blanket and pillow or cushions

Rachel is a senior music therapist specialising in psychodynamic thinking around attachment, trauma and wellbeing through the arts. Rachel’s work encompasses clinical work with children and families, neurological music therapy with adults as well as presenting and writing about music therapy. Rachel plays violin and piano, performing regularly.

Monday 1st February 2021 @ 8pm - The BUSS Model - Building Underdeveloped Sensorimotor Systems in Children who have experienced Developmental trauma with Sarah Lloyd 

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Why is early movement important, what impact does it have on later life, and what can we as adoptive parents do?

This webinar will be run by Sarah, who developed the BUSS model, and 2 parent mentors, Vicky and Ruth. Vicky and Ruth are both adoptive parents who have used this way of working with their children.

This webinar will build on previous webinars with adoption UK (June and October 2020) to look in more depth at early development. We’ll think about the different stages of motor development that a baby and young child needs to go through to give good bodily regulation and how adverse in utero and early experiences can impact this.

We’ll think about what gaps in these foundation sensorimotor systems look like and Ruth and Vicky will talk about the work they did as adoptive parents to fill in these gaps and the impact this has had on their child and family.

There will be time for discussion and reflection on this as well as information about how families can access BUSS and when this might be helpful.

Sarah Lloyd is a Children’s Occupational Therapist, Play Therapist and EMDR practitioner. Sarah developed the BUSS model to address the gap that often exists in our understanding of the role relationships and movement play in the early development of the child. An understanding of this and how this prepares the baby on an emotional and physical level for later stages of development can be helpful when thinking about children who have experienced early adversity. The BUSS model advocates the potential of using the relationships with adoptive parents to go back and fill in the gaps in a child’s foundation sensorimotor systems because these systems are underdeveloped rather than broken. For more information about the model, please see our website –

Wednesday 10th February 2021 @ 8pm - A Smooth Transition from Primary to Secondary School with James Walsh 

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A webinar for parents with children who will embark on their transition to secondary school in September 2021. The change from primary school to secondary is daunting for both parents and children alike. Suddenly it all seems to go quiet.

Who do you contact? How to express your concerns? What happens if you are worried?

James Walsh is a Vice Principal in charge of pastoral care in an inner-city school in London. This webinar is aimed at parents with children in secondary school or who will make making the transition in the next academic year.

James is Vice Principal at a brand-new inner-city secondary school in South London. He has 14 years’ experience working within schools and specialise in leading outstanding pastoral care and inclusion. He is the designated safeguarding lead, oversees the special educational needs department, and has responsibility for looked after children.


Monday 22nd February 2021 @ 8pm - Building resilience to adoption stress with Gill Tree 

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Parenting a child who has suffered trauma brings a whole extra layer of stress. When faced with the challenging behaviours of a traumatised child, adopters can become, amongst other things, irritable, anxious, hopeless and overwhelmed. The intensity of the stress can make them feel inadequate, manipulated, exhausted and depressed.

Often the target of rage, lying, stealing, violence, verbal abuse or withdrawal, you will be taught strategies to bring more harmony into your home.

Course content:
- What is resilience?
- Understanding the stress response
- Managing your reactions, regulating self and children
- Calming the Vagus nerve
- Gaining new perspective
- T Kahlers' Driver behaviour and adapting yours
- Self-care and leisure
- Your needs and bad habits
- Embedding the changes with positive triggers

Gill has twenty years’ experience teaching stress management to industry and also owned at the same time, the UK’s largest school of massage, the combination of which developed her interest in the mind/body connection.
Having been a foster carer, Gill adopted a very challenging child as a single Mum in 2011, causing everything to change, including professionally and led Gill to study Neuro-Agility, Rhythmic Movement Training and Non-Violent Resistance. She now provides specialist resilience, behaviour and attachment training and mentors parents and carers.

She and her son have benefitted hugely from DDP, rhythmic movement and NVR. Gills’ personal experience of trauma, child to parent violence, attachment disorder and blocked care, provides her with a unique empathy and understanding for other parents and carers.

Please note that this session will be run as a Zoom Meeting, with breakout rooms, and you will have the option to be seen on camera. You don't have to switch your camera on for this session. Any concerns please email: [email protected]


Thursday 25th February 2021 @ 8pm - Life Journey Work focus group with Philippa Williams 

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This session will be relevant to prospective adopters as well as adopters at all stages of their journeys with their children. Participants will have an opportunity to reflect on how and when to share their children’s past experiences with them in age and stage appropriate ways. Philippa will share some practical ideas to help keep the conversation going with children and young people from the moment they join our families through to adulthood. You will have an opportunity to reflect on the joys and challenges of this vital role all adoptive parents play in helping our children formulate a coherent narrative about their past.

Philippa is Adoption UK’s Learning and Development Manager in Wales. She is a qualified trainer with 20 plus years’ experience delivering training to a range of audiences including adults with learning difficulties, social workers, foster carers, special guardians and adoptive parents. She has two adopted children in their 20s.

Philippa will share some of her professional and personal experiences of sharing children’s life journeys with them from their early days, through the teenage years into adulthood.


Saturday 27th February 2021 @ 10am - Saturday fun with Magic Gareth! 

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Virtual magic show - Magic Gareth is a magician and balloon twister extraordinaire!

This 35-minute show includes interactive magic. music and fun! The show is suitable for ages 4+.

" He's the best magician I've ever seen... and I've seen 3!"
- Sophie Aged 4 (and a half)

Please note that this session will be run as a Zoom Meeting and you will have the option to be seen on camera. You don't have to switch your camera on for this session. This session will not be recorded. Any concerns please email: [email protected]

Saturday 27th March 2021 @ 10am - Into the Wild animal encounters

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Into The Wild grew from the passion of two animal lovers who wanted to share their wonderful animals and rescues with the world.

Over the last 10 years Jordan and Dean have taken on many unwell, stressed or unwanted animals that require very specific care. With the team of animals that are hand-chosen due to their enjoyment of meeting people, we have been able to run Into The Wild.

This animal encounter will let you meet unusual and exotic animals and learn about conservation, adaption, habitats and ecosystems, in a fun and interactive way.

Please note that this session will be run as a Zoom Meeting and you will have the option to be seen on camera. You don't have to switch your camera on for this session. This session will not be recorded. Any concerns please email: [email protected]