During this webinar Sarah discusses the BUSS model with two adoptive parents mentors who have practiced the model.  The webinar looks at the different stages of motor development that a baby and young child needs to go through to give good bodily regulation and how adverse in utero and early experiences can impact this.

Sarah Lloyd is a Children’s Occupational Therapist, Play Therapist and EMDR practitioner. Sarah developed the BUSS model to address the gap that often exists in our understanding of the role relationships and movement play in the early development of the child. An understanding of this and how this prepares the baby on an emotional and physical level for later stages of development can be helpful when thinking about children who have experienced early adversity. The BUSS model advocates the potential of using the relationships with adoptive parents to go back and fill in the gaps in a child’s foundation sensorimotor systems because these systems are underdeveloped rather than broken. For more information about the model, please see the website – www.bussmodel.org

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