Northern Ireland

We provide support to adopters and prospective adopters in Northern Ireland through a dedicated office, based in Belfast. This page provides information on adoption and the kind of support we can provide for adopters in Northern Ireland.

Our local lending library is a free resource available to members to access and contains a wide variety of materials relevant at different stages of your adoption journey.

These include books on adoptive parenting, attachment, life story work, parenting teens, education, as well as a range of children’s books. Through our experience and from recommendations, we have put together a suggested reading list which includes popular titles such as ‘Building the Bonds of Attachment’ by Dan Hughes, ‘First Steps in Parenting the Hurt Child’ by Caroline Archer, ‘No Matter What’ by Sally Donovan, Inside I’m Hurting’ by Louise Bomber and many more.

Recommended Reading List

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Please get in touch if you wish to browse the library or to request a specific book [email protected]