Would you like to support your adopted pupils’ mental health and wellbeing?

Join our fully funded training session for school staff working with adopted young people!

This training is for schools in North Wales only, due to funding provided by the National Lottery.

We now have added an additional set of training that is specifically for specialist providers with children with ALN. This would include specialist schools and resource bases/ additional provision within Primary and Secondary Schools

Dates: schools are required to attend both sessions.

Primary School dates are Wednesday 8th May and Wednesday 5th June.
Secondary School dates are Thursday 16th May and Thursday 6th June.
ALN Provision dates are Wednesday 22nd May and Wednesday 12th June.

Please note: This course is an interactive course, therefore cameras are expected to be turned on for most of the time. Please ensure you have a strong Wi-Fi connection. Up to 3 members of staff can join from the school, via 1 screen only.

The course brings together clinical expertise and lived experience and is delivered by a psychotherapist and an adopted young person over 2 days. They will help you to understand how early experiences of trauma and disrupted attachments can impact upon young people’s capacity to learn and thrive in education settings, and how to help. It is aimed at senior leaders and school staff looking to achieve a trauma informed environment for all; as well as those working closely with specific adopted learners.

Delegates are requested to come along with a specific learner in mind. You will be led to develop a support package that should help this young person to manage better in school. You will receive individualised feedback on your plan. You will be encouraged to put parts of the plan into practice between sessions and time will be allocated during the second session to talk about the approach and how it seems to be working.

The training supports staff to:

  • Understand why care experienced pupils may face additional challenges
  • Create a trauma-informed environment for all
  • Create specific Bespoke Relational Plans for learners who need them

Training Aims:

  • To allow you to feel more confident in discerning what is being communicated in challenging behaviour that we see in schools.
  • To allow you to think creatively about how to help learners with a history of developmental trauma to feel safe in school and get into a ‘Ready to Learn’ state.
  • To provide you with a wealth of tips and tricks shared with us by adopters, adopted people and other educators.
  • To support you to develop a bespoke plan for a specific young person.
  • For you to become more aware of your responses to this young person, and to get support with your own feelings.

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Unfortunately our trainers are unable to deliver this training in Welsh but we do have a number of supporting materials which are available bilingually.

Feedback from previous sessions

"The personal sessions were incredibly useful, as we were able to discuss the individual needs of pupils within school and what we are currently able to provide, and how we could adapt our provision with training or additional reading/resources. Meghan was highly skilled and the information that she gave us was brilliant. The opportunity to discuss life from an adopted person’s view was very helpful as well, as it gave a completely different perspective on how we do things."
"I enjoyed being part of a small group where I felt comfortable to share experiences and take/give advice. Everything we discussed was relevant. Having personal feedback to my relational plan was wonderful, giving me confidence in helping my learner."