AUK Cymru Training for Schools - Creating a sense of safety for pupils and staff after lockdown
This event was held for schools in Wales but would apply to other settings in the UK . It is all about psychological safety for pupils and staff. Teachers are also struggling, and 'Covid Fatigue" is identified as affecting many people, making the support of vulnerable learners really challenging for some. Watch the video.

This can be a flexible way to approach your child’s education. In this short guide we explore what flexi-schooling is and how it might benefit your child, and look at the legal position across the UK.

Priority School Admissions (England) *Updated
Adopted children have priority access to school places in England, but what does this mean in practice?
Find out more in this short guide to the School Admissions Code. *Updated

An Introduction to Pupil Premium Plus
Download this informative flyer

New guidance for Virtual School Heads and Designated Teachers
Virtual School Heads and Adopted Children.pdf
Designated Teachers and Adopted Children.pdf

Home Education
 is becoming an increasingly popular choice, here are some things you might need to know if you decide to embark on this family journey.
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Meeting the needs of adopted and permanently placed children

A guide for parents and carers of children in education in England
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Welcoming an Adopted Child into your Primary School

An introductory guide for schools to getting the best start at a new primary school for adopted children.
Download the Primary School PDF

We now also offer guides for Nursery and Secondary School.
Download the Nursery PDF

Download the Secondary School PDF

Pupil Case Studies

Seven case studies featuring common behavioural challenges faced by adopted children, the reasons behind the behaviour and a range of strategies for schools to try. 
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Survival in School e-resource
FREE handouts for your child or young person’s teacher or trusted adult at school/college to help them understand what survival states look like in the school/college environment. Click the link below to download the handouts. 

Raising awareness of the various traumas adopted children may bring with them to a school setting - video
Produced by Adoption UK Wales and with input from teachers and adoptive parents in Wales, this new video is about the importance of understanding adopted children and their needs in the education environment. Raising awareness of the various traumas adopted children may bring with them to a school setting, the video looks at the need for understanding by education professionals of adopted children in the classroom.

The video was funded by the Welsh Government as part of an ongoing programme of work to raise attainment of adopted children in school in Wales. Welsh subtitled version available here.

(The video displays the old Helpline number: for the new number and opening hours click here)

Trauma in the classroom: Learning lessons for neglected and abused children
Powerful, five-minute DVD exploring the difficulties that adopted children may encounter in an educational setting as a result of the separation, loss and trauma they have experienced in their early lives.