• Video: Trauma in the School Setting

    Produced by Adoption UK Wales (but relevant across the UK) this five-minute video is about the importance of understanding adopted children and their needs in the education environment. The video was funded by the Welsh Government as part of an ongoing programme of work to raise the attainment of adopted children in school in Wales. (The video displays the old Adoption UK helpline number. For the new number, click here)


  • Video: Trauma in the Classroom: Learning Lessons for Neglected and Abused Children

    Featuring author Louise Bomber as well as interviews with adopted young people and adoptive parents, this powerful five-minute video explores the difficulties that adopted children may encounter in an educational setting as a result of the separation, loss and trauma that they have experienced in their early lives.


  • Blog: After-School Restraint Collapse

    If your child seems ‘fine’ all day in school but often melts down after the end of the school day, they may be experiencing ‘after-school restraint collapse’. This blog explains more about the phenomenon and offers some strategies and tips for supporting a smoother transition at the end of the day.
    Read the blog here