TobyTV and radio presenter and DJ Toby Anstis was adopted as a child along with his twin sister. He has presented numerous well-known TV and radio shows throughout his career and his DJ sets have taken him from London to Ibiza, with a warm up set for Elton John and supporting Demi Lovato.

I feel very blessed to have had a happy and positive childhood.

No doubt my twin sister Kate and I were massively different to our mum and dad, but they supported us, and allowed us to flourish in our own individual ways.

It wasn’t always easy. I occasionally got bullied at school for being adopted. Also, dealing with and overcoming the feeling of being different and never wanting to be rejected. But over time, I turned those feelings of self-doubt into confidence, drive and self-determination to achieve what I wanted.

I was fixated on being a radio presenter from the age of around ten, playing my parents’ records for their guests at the parties they would have. I’ve been living out that dream for 25 years! 

It doesn’t matter who or where you come from, a whole world is out there to be enjoyed – you can do anything, if you really want to!

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