The adoption approval process

From choosing an agency to your child coming home, the same process applies to all nations of the UK, although there may be slight variations between the nations timing and terminology.

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What’s involved when you and your child are first introduced to each other and the process of getting to know each other before your child moves in with you.

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Matching can be unpredictable and frustrating as well as an exciting part of the adoption process. It may feel as though a lot of time is spent waiting for information and responses and there may be some disappointments when potential matches don’t work out. 

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Adoption leave and pay

All employed adopters are entitled to adoption leave. Many will be entitled to adoption pay. There’s no qualifying period of employment for adoption leave, but your entitlement to adoption pay depends on your length of employment and earnings.

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Adopting as a single parent

Many children are adopted by single people every year.  There are some extra things to think about, to help you prepare.

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Becoming a concurrent carer

A concurrent care plan is made when a child under two years old is placed in foster care and it’s uncertain whether they’ll return to live with their birth family or be adopted. This is sometimes referred to as early permanence.  

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