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Jofli Bears, 'Journey of life' bears, can be used in a number of ways to help families navigate the emotional terrain along the adoption journey. The bears have their own backpack with a journal inside, and a request that their owners fill in the journal to record memories of their lives together.

For adoption purposes the bears can be used with great effect to introduce a child to their new family environment. Adoptive parents take photos with Jofli in their home, with family members and pets, and add the photos to the journal. On the first meeting Jofli can be introduced to the child, and the journal used over time to introduce their new home and new family. The child can then take Jofli and use the journal with the foster parents to prepare for the transition to their new life. The attachment that the child builds with Jofli helps to bridge the gap between their old home and their new one as they share their experiences with the bear.

If the child already has life story books the journals can be used to expand on their heritage by telling Jofli about their birth family, and explore thoughts and feelings by filling in the journal with stories about their life so far, and discuss plans for their future together. 

If children suffer with separation anxiety Jofli can help ease the transition to a new nursery or school by becoming their companion to share new experiences with. When parents can't be there to hold their hand, Jofli can.

The 'Journey of Life' can take many twists and turns. Jofli bears are there to offer children comfort, companionship, and lots of love, where ever their journey may take them.

Watch a short video about the bears and how they can be used for transition and life story.

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