Parenting and caring for children with early life trauma and special educational needs can make access to work for parents and carers challenging in a number of ways. Higher school exclusions rates, reduced timetables, home schooling responsibilities and problems accessing childcare are just some of the extra difficulties that parents and carers are facing, together with a lack of special school provision and a cumbersome and adversarial educational, health and care needs systems.

Employees are not always able to leave their personal stress and worries at the door when going to work. Adoption UK can support you to understand employees whose lives are touched by adoption and help you navigate the complex issues that affect those that are either thinking about adopting, have adopted or are themselves adopted.

We offer a range of services to support organisations:

  • Adoption UK membership opportunities for your staff
  • Training - Through training and practical workshops, we can give people managers the skills to support employees from the adoption community
  • Adoption support services to form part of your employee assistance programmes including mentoring and therapeutic services
  • Policy support – our experienced team can help you develop your policies to truly support and help staff with care responsibilities.

There are many small adjustments that you can make in the workplace to help support adoptive parents and adopted people. Please get in touch to discuss how we can help your adoptive colleagues: [email protected]

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