Peer Support Options

At a time when adoption support services are under increasing pressure, our peer support can be delivered quickly, flexibly and cost effectively, in a way that complements your existing provision.

Adopters tell us that peer support has a transformative effect on their family lives and we offer a range of peer support options, so no matter what challenges your adopters are facing, the right help is on hand. Our services are delivered by experienced therapeutic parents who truly comprehend the issues adopters, prospective adopters and kinship care families face. All peer support workers are experienced in working with families parenting children with complex behaviours. Your adopters will benefit hugely from the empathy, understanding and practical help offered by those who have truly walked in their shoes.

  • A peer mentoring scheme
    Provided by a volunteer mentor, linking with a family, offering expert but low-level and light-touch support. Suitable for both prospective adopters and adoptive families with early intervention support needs.

  • Enhanced parent partner service
    For families who need more in-depth support. Particularly useful for children going through transitions, such as with therapeutic parenting, challenging behaviour or other support needs. Our enhanced parent partner service is a structured programme, aimed at empowering your families to manage the day-to-day difficulties and build their own resilience. We work with families to measure the impact of this support, ensuring that families finish the programme better able to manage with universal and community supports
  • Peer Support Consultancy

Adoption UK has vast experience in creating and developing peer mentoring services and can provide a consultancy service for agencies who would like to develop their own in-house network, with optional supported delivery until you are ready to deliver the services completely in house.  

Education support programmes

Education difficulties are repeatedly reported as being of high concern to adoptive families and we have two very successful education support services available to help.

  • Supported Transitions in Education Parent Partner (STEPP)
    Our STEPP service is designed to provide a targeted intervention for families experiencing educational difficulties. This structured programme equips families with the skills, confidence and information required to advocate for and support their child in relation to education.
  • An education mentoring service
    We provide one-to-one coaching and mentoring for adoptive families who need more intensive help to obtain the right education for their children. Provided by education professionals who are also parents of care experienced children, our support brings together the education professionals and the family to develop the partnership that will result in a better educational opportunity for the child.

To find out more about our Peer Support services email the team: [email protected]

Download an evaluation of our Yorkshire Humber Peer Mentoring programme