Calling all parents and carers from across the UK and Ireland.  

We are inviting you to complete our FASD Parent / Carer Experience Survey so you can tell us about your journey through the FASD assessment and diagnosis process with your child.  Even if you have never been through the process, we would still like to hear from you.  

You can complete the survey by following the link -  

We have developed a bank of case studies about the experiences of families living with FASD. We will use these case studies as part of our #FASDay 2021 social media campaign and also in other social media and reports. Can you help us?

  • You could tell us about yourself and how you became a family?
  • What are/were your experiences of seeking a diagnosis?
  • How does FASD affect your family life? What are the challenges you face?
  • What are the positives about life in an FASD family?

If you would like to be part of our case study bank, please follow this link
and complete the Survey Monkey questionnaire. We will maintain anonymity in the case studies we use - further information and permissions are in the link.