Mobile network giffgaff has joined forces with the charity Adoption UK to help raise funds for some of the UK’s most vulnerable children and their families.

The appeal kicks off on Giving Tuesday, 27th November.

The partnership follows the mobile network’s decision to drop its recent Hallowe’en marketing campaign featuring a misjudged fictional adoption story about a family of monsters. The company faced a backlash from the adoption community. Adoption UK and giffgaff saw an opportunity to join forces to bust some myths about adoption and raise funds for the charity’s work.

Adoption UK’s Chief Executive Dr Sue Armstrong Brown said: ‘giffgaff’s speedy response and its genuine desire to step up and help, has turned an adoption horror story into good news. The Hallowe’en ad showed how many misconceptions there still are about modern-day adoption. It’s fantastic to be working with giffgaff to help shine a light on these amazing families and what they need to survive and thrive.’

Many adopted children have suffered neglect, violence and abuse in their birth families. These traumatic experiences have a lasting impact on their lives and the lives of their adoptive families. Adoption UK responds to thousands of requests for help from adoptive parents each year, but the charity is in urgent need of more funding to reach many more families in need. The appeal target is to raise £50,000 by Christmas. It costs Adoption UK £5 to answer a call to their helpline. Start up costs for a new community volunteer are £50.

The joint campaign features marketing support from giffgaff, who have created a film you can view here and a series of images which feature the real life adoption community. The campaign will be supported across social media.

giffgaff Brand Director Tom Rainsford said: ‘giffgaff got it wrong about adoption. Learning about the real life struggles for adopted children and their families has been a humbling and enlightening experience. As a company with community at its heart we’re so pleased to be able to put things right by helping Adoption UK support more fantastic families.’

Adoptive parent Claire describes the support she received from Adoption UK as ‘life-changing’. Claire said: ‘Our daughter is very anxious and loses control of her emotions. She lashes out. At school she became a target for bullying. She was like a little bomb waiting to go off. The school made us feel like it was our fault. Our family was at breaking point.’

After speaking to an adviser on the Adoption UK helpline, Claire met with one of the charity’s directors.  ‘Finally someone understood,’ Claire said. ‘The help we received gave us the confidence to change schools. She’s much happier and our life has changed so much for the better. Adoption UK made us realise we were not rubbish at parenting and it was worth fighting for the support our daughter deserves.’

Help Adoption UK help more amazing families. Text ADPT18 £5 (or another amount) to 70070 today to help us be there for every single adopted child and their family or visit;