The Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced a £750 million package to support the charity sector through the covid-19 crisis. The package will provide much needed cash for charities providing key services during the crisis.

The announcement comes after NCVO, the umbrella body representing the voluntary sector, estimated that charities are facing a £4.3 billion funding shortfall and called on the chancellor to take action.

Commenting on the announcement, Adoption UK’s chief executive Dr Sue Armstrong Brown, said: “Rishi Sunak’s aid package for charities is an important recognition of the pivotal role played by the voluntary sector. I hope that this is used swiftly to shore up charity support services, but it has to be seen as the first step.

“Over the last decade, charities have played an ever-increasing role in delivering services for vulnerable groups who have been hit hardest by austerity measures. As this covid-19 emergency has escalated, demand for these services has gone through the roof while funding for charities has been in freefall.

“The aid announced so far will prevent some charities from collapsing, but it won’t allow them to fill the support gap left by the collapse of the professional infrastructure as services and resources are disrupted and diverted.  Government must act swiftly and decisively to stabilise the sector and ensure vulnerable people continue to receive the support they need now more than ever.”