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NAW England

Adoption UK is delighted to be supported during National Adoption Week 2022 by #YouCanAdopt. This year we start National Adoption week on Saturday 15th October with an online meeting. It is an excellent opportunity to find out more about adoption, the process to adopt, hurdles and challenges you may face, hints, tips and advice on the adoption process as well as finding out more about the children who are currently waiting to be adopted.  There will be plenty of time for you to ask questions. 

During National Adoption Week we are hosting webinars with adopters with experience of adopting older children, children with disabilities, those who have adopted siblings and advice on how to build your network and adoption community. 

At the end of the week we have a coffee and a chat meeting where you can come along to a relaxed meeting to discuss the past week, ask any questions you may have and network with others. 

We are offering  1-1 support at our online surgeries and a resource pack to download.

All the meetings, webinars and surgeries are FREE and open to all.

You can find lots more resources and access to hundreds of webinars and many community groups when you become a member.

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Saturday 15th October, 3pm

Introduction to National Adoption Week and Q&A

Kick off National Adoption Week with this informal meeting.  Chat to staff about what's in store, and how to make the most of what's on offer over the coming week. Get information about the adoption process as well as help with any challenges and hurdles you may face. 

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Monday 17th October, 7pm 

Building your network

Being able to connect with other adopters and adopted people brings support, advice and friendship.  Ali Russell and AUK's LGBTQ+ coordinator Emma lead this webinar about the benefits of developing your support network as an adopter. Hear about the highlights of 'finding your tribe' and learn tips about how to connect with others via social media and other methods available to you.

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Tuesday 18th October, 11am

Adopting an older child

Hear from experienced adopters Clare and Rob as they discuss their experiences of adopting older children. Statistically older children wait longer to be adopted, and in this webinar you will hear about the benefits as well as the challenges of being matched with an older child, questions to ask and things to consider.

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Wednesday 19th October, 11am

Adopting a child with additional needs

In this webinar, Jo and Jessica, two adoptive mums of children with additional needs, share their stories of how they were matched with their children and how they navigate parenthood whilst advocating for their children's needs.

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Thursday 20th October, 11am

Adopting siblings

Sibling groups wait longer to be adopted, and are often separated from each other in order to be more easily placed. Hear from Gary, Sara and Chris; three experienced adopters as they take you through their journeys to being parents of siblings, with hints and tips of what to consider along the way.

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Friday 21st October, 11am

Coffee and chat

Join our Adoption UK staff members as National Adoption Week 2022 comes to a close. Come along to discuss any aspect of adoption in this informal meeting.

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NAW Wales

Season 2 of the ‘Truth be told’ podcast that the National Adoption Service produces is launching next week to coincide with NAW, and the Adoption Youth Council/Connect Voices will be featured on an episode later in the season.

One of the best ways to inspire and reassure people to adopt is by sharing real-life stories of those that have been there and done it.

Season 1 of the podcast proved extremely popular with adopters, prospective adopters and adoptees achieving over 17,000 downloads across the UK and beyond.

Season 2 will be available in both English and Welsh you will be able to listen on Spotify, Apple Music and watch on YouTube.

Season 2 will feature six episodes which delve deep into the realties of adoption in 2022. Our families touch on some of the current challenges of adoption, including early trauma, and share examples of where they’ve accessed support and guidance.

Listen to the podcast here


NAW Northern Ireland

Saturday 15th October, Adoption Community Family Day 

Monday 17th October, Adoption Community Peer Support Group meetups 

Tuesday 18th October, Adopted Young People meting the NI Childrens Commissioner  

Wednesday 19th October, Regional Launch Dr Kerry Sweeny Child Clinical Psychologist discussing developmental trauma & Adoption UK with local adopters, discussing post adoption life 

Wednesday 19th October, Parenting our Teens training

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NAW Week Scotland

14th - 18th November

Adoption Week celebrates adoption in Scotland, it is funded by the Scottish Government and managed by Association for Fostering, Kinship and Adoption (AFKA) Scotland, Adoption UK (AUK) in Scotland and Scottish Adoption Register (SAR).

This year the theme for the week is Adoption: The connection with past, present and future family.

There are family events, events for professionals and events for adopters and carers.

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