How to send your content to us

Please note, this is just a guide. If you are familiar with a way to send content to us, please use that approach!

Our campaign for FASD Day 2020 is titled “I Can”. We aim to capture the achievements of as many individuals with FASD as possible, along with the stories of their parents/carers. FASD Day (9th September) is an international awareness raising day and through raising awareness of the condition we have an opportunity to raise awareness of everything that individuals with FASD can do.

We put together this short guide to provide guidance and assistance on sending content to us.

Written Content and Images

  • Please email to [email protected]
  • If sending photos, please avoid capturing your child/young persons face.


  • Videos do not need to be more than 10 seconds
  • Please try (where possible) to avoid capturing your child/young persons face. We will protect their identity in any content we use.

Voice Recordings or Sound Bites

  • Can be as long as you like!
  • You can use the inbuilt feature in Facebook Messenger and send directly to FASD Hub Scotland on Facebook Messenger


Use the inbuilt voice recording feature on your mobile phone. If you’re using an iPhone, it will look like the image on the left, if you’re using an Android, it will look something like the image on the right.          


  • If you have larger media files you wish to share with us, we recommend using WeTransfer.
  • Web-based, access via
  • Free
  • No sign up necessary
  • You will receive notification when we download your media so you will know we have got it safely

We will be producing a video using all the content shared with us. The video will be released on 9th September 2020, FASD Day on our social media channels.

Don’t forget to follow us on our social media channels and like/share content to be part of the conversation and help our campaign reach as many people as possible. We will be using the # hashtags:

#IcanFASD    #FASDay    #RedShoesRock    #FASD    #FASDworkingtogether

Thank you for being part of the FASD Hub Scotland Community!