How can you get involved?

The FASD Hub Scotland would like to use this year's campaign to celebrate the successes, talents and achievements of those with living with FASD. We know our children and families are amazing – so let's tell the world!!

We would like you to send us your ‘I Can’. It could be as simple as running fast or jumping high. Or it could be a talent, such as playing the guitar or violin, baking amazing cakes, or being super at a sport. Or it could be an achievement such as gaining a certificate in something, learning to ride a bike, or swimming the length of a pool. ‘I Can’s are not limited to children – we want to hear how amazing our parents and carers are too!

You can send us your ‘I Can’ in a number of ways:

Send us:

  • A picture of your ‘I Can’
  • A short video of you doing your ‘I Can’
  • A written sentence or statement about your ‘I Can’
  • A voice recording of you talking about your ‘I Can’

We also have 2 templates that your child could complete (see below), then you can email the FASD Hub a photograph or scan.

                                                          I Can Template 1   I Can Template 2

Please send your “I can” to: [email protected] or send it to us via Facebook Messenger. Please include a contact email address so we can send you a certificate to print for your child.

We would also like some blogs or vlogs about your experiences of living with FASD. You can send a file via WeTransfer or we could record you on Zoom. Or send us some text and we can help you turn it into a blog. Please get in touch if you’d like to know more details.

If you are sending a video clip or voice recording, please check with your child that they are happy for us to use it in our video. Please also consider how you may wish to protect your child’s identity, and if you would like us to blur any video images, please let us know.

For more information on how to send us content please see our handy guide by clicking here