The adoption agency that places your child with you is responsible for your support, at least initially. This responsibility might move if you move area, or if you adopt from a different area to the one where you live. Your child is entitled to an ‘assessment of need’ before they are placed with you. The assessment should identify areas where you and your child are likely to need support. This could include specialist therapy, help to understand their life journey, support in school and medical support. Your adoption agency should help you access the support your child needs.  

This does not always happen, and adopters often report struggling for support. Adoption UK continues to campaign for improved support, and to work closely with adoption agencies to understand and provide what families need.   

In England, adopters and their agency can apply to the Adoption Support Fund to pay for therapeutic support: Adoption support fund (ASF)  

Most families say that peer support, from people with experience of adoption, can be incredibly important. Adoption UK has a free online forum, a lot of free resources and information, and a growing membership community with groups all over the UK. Find out more here: Adoption UK | Support for adopters