At Adoption UK, we have drawn on the expertise of staff members and others who are experienced home educators to create a growing bank of resources and tips to support families with home learning.  

On our website, you can find a page of resources for learning and wellbeing here: and we will regularly share resources and ideas across our social media channels. 

In our forum, we have started two dedicated threads. The first, ‘Resources and Ideas for Families at Home During Covid-19' is for sharing resources and links: 

The second, ‘Ask a Teacher’ is for crowd sourcing answers to questions that may come up while you are navigating work that has been for your child by their school: 

We will also be posting regular mini vlogs by our Education Policy Advisor, Becky Brooks (former teacher, home educator, home worker and adoptive parent), and others to support you as you navigate these challenging and uncertain times. Find these on YouTube and shared across our social media channels. 

On 20th April 2020, both BBC Bitesize and the DfE-backed Oak National Academy launched their educational provision services.

BBC Bitesize learning activities can be accessed via the BBC Bitesize website: and daily 20-minute programmes for each age group are available on iPlayer (search for ‘Bitesize’)

For 2021, the BBC will also be offering educational programmes daily on CBBC and BBC2 to support those who may have limited internet access. There will be programming for primary-aged children on CBBC each morning, and for secondary-aged children each afternoon on BBC2.

Oak National Academy is offering daily lessons in a range of subjects for children from 4 upwards here: