Life in the Classroom

Workshop description

Adoption UK’s Life in the Classroom training is suitable for a wide range of education professionals, including teaching staff, ITT providers, teaching assistants, SENCos and other professionals working with children in education. Our training helps staff to understand trauma, loss and attachment, and provides practical evidence-informed strategies to support children.

This half day training looks at the causes of trauma and the subsequent impact of developmental trauma on learning.  It examines attachment styles and the Dan Hughes model of PACE – which emphasises the benefits of a Playful, Accepting, Curious and Empathetic approach. The training also explores Executive Functioning and how early trauma can impact on this.

Who should attend?

  • This learning opportunity has been designed to support education practitioners, Teachers, TA’s and SENCO’s working with children who are struggling with life in the classroom.

Course Objectives

  • Raise awareness of how trauma and attachment difficulties can impact on education
  • Help support the adopted or looked after child in the classroom

Written and delivered by Adopters
Life in the Classroom is delivered by one of our professional Adoption UK Trainers. All our trainers are also adopters and offer their own unique perspective on parenting hurt children.


  • With our virtual delivery programme, we are able to provide virtual workshops and training on a variety of platforms, at a time that suits your organisation.


  • For further information or to book, please contact the Training Team at [email protected]

What they said about our courses:

Adoption UK Charity ‚ÄčThe training from Adoption UK was perfect for our school staff. The sessions explained how early trauma, loss and attachment difficulties can affect brain development and gave us all a valuable insight into how to adapt our practices to be more trauma aware. The content of the sessions applied to so many children, not just those in care or adopted.Highly recommended!
Primary School AHT (Inclusion)

Without reservation, I fully endorse Adoption UK’s parent support programme…it will continue to provide adopters  with excellent training and support for years to come.
Dr Dan Hughes PhD, Clinical Psychologist

Before the course there seemed to be no hope for our family, now we have grounds for real optimism.

I was delighted with the training. I found the content incredibly useful and interesting, and I left feeling inspired and motivated. I have given the content a lot of thought since yesterday and have started to change my way of thinking already.
Inclusion Leader of an Essex Primary School