Hi! I’m Siobhan (she/they). Here is a little about me:

My connection to adoption:

I am an adopted person, I was adopted with my twin sister. I am also a parent through adoption. So this gives me quite a unique dual perspective.

For the past few years I have sat on adoption panel for Adoption East Midlands. I love this work as it gives me the chance to hold the agency and local authorities to account and add my voice as an adopted person to decisions about families and young people.

For four years I ran a charity with my twin sister which created bespoke life story books for adopted children. We also published a book about adoption and trauma informed approaches called “Collecting the Diamonds”.

I am a strong advocate for the voice of adopted young people through public speaking and going in to schools to work with educators.

My professional life:

I am a senior data and insight analyst, currently working in the debt enforcement industry (not very cheerful I know!)

I have worked in data an analytics for around 10 years with experience in a broad spectrum of industries including banking, the charity sector and the energy industry. In particular I have a high level of expertise in impact evaluation. That is how much impact charities are making, to how many people at what cost.

I have a high level of experience in business going through digital transformation and cloud migration. Supporting the end to end digital optimisation of the business.

My education experience:

I have a certificate in relational social work and hope to begin a masters degree in social research in the next academic year.