Parenting our Children is Adoption UK’s cutting edge, therapeutic parenting programme. It can be run locally in partnership with a local authority or voluntary agency.

It has been designed to equip parents with knowledge and understanding of developmental trauma and give them the tools they need to parent children who have had experienced this, along with attachment issues.

Parenting Our Children has been fully revised and brought up to date in conjunction with Family Futures and includes the latest neuroscience and current parenting techniques.

Parenting our Children - will help parents and carers over the long term to:

  • Understand your children's trauma and subsequent behaviour.
  • Understand the therapeutic approach at the heart of your parenting.
  • Understand that your parenting attitude is a vital part of caring for your children.
  • Be better informed to engage with practitioners to work with your children.

Quote from an attendee: 

I have learnt about my child and have greater empathy to his situation and management of same. I intend to apply my learning into everyday life, share with family members and school.

Parenting our Children can be funded by the Adoption Support Fund

Following an assessment, local authorities in England can use the Adoption Support Fund to fund attendance on a Parenting our Children course.  Find out more about the Adoption Support Fund here.

To find out more, please contact the Training Team at [email protected]