Broadcaster and adoptee Nicky Campbell OBE has also agreed to become an Adoption UK ambassador.

Nicky, co host of ITV’s Long Lost Family, helped Adoption UK to gain high-profile media coverage after agreeing to be interviewed by various media, including BBC Scotland and The Sunday Times, on the opening day of Scotland’s first ever adoption week in November 2016.

Nicky, who also presents BBC Radio 5 Live’s breakfast show, said: “Adoption has changed dramatically since I was adopted as a baby but I know how it can be a hugely transformative experience for both children and their families. I’m incredibly grateful to my adoptive parents who selflessly took me in as their own and provided a loving and stable family home.

Nicky is also proud to support the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage. Nicky sees his two ‘causes’ - adoption and conservation - as inextricably linked, because they are both about a better future and a better world. Click here to watch a film that Nicky helped to produce for the elephant orphanage.