If you think you would be a suitable match for a child or children featured on Children Who Wait online, you can send an email direct to the team using the 'Request More information' button on the right-hand side of the relevant profile. Please be sure to give some details about yourself to assist the family finder in assessing suitable prospective adoptive parents.

Bear in mind that the social worker could receive a number of enquiries relating to a particular child or sibling group - so ensure that you provide a 'snapshot' of your family which allows them to consider how this may work for the child. By including your social worker's contact details in the enquiry, the child's agency will be able to make contact to discuss your circumstances in more detail.

Alternatively, you can request contact details for the agency/social worker for any of the children featured by contacting the Children Who Wait Family Finding Team and quoting the child's reference number (or name and date of birth) as printed within their profile in Children Who Wait magazine.