Child on Parent violence is an area which is increasingly recognised as a major factor in the breakdown of adoption and foster care placements.  Above and Beyond is our latest workshop and is to develop strategies for families to de-escalate child on parent violence (CPV).

Taster sessions: a short session that will be useful for families or support agencies that may be interested but wish to find out more before committing resources to a full training – 2 hours.

One day workshop: extends the taster session into a more practical workshop with sample exercises to work through to offer immediate help and gives practical skills and strategies that can be used over time to alleviate the stress from aggression which many families experience.

Professionals – An overview that will help inform decisions when establishing support plans for parents under stress.

Families – An overview plus some practical ideas and strategies to take away and put into practice immediately. The session will also offer help and guidance regarding finding out more as well as support from other families in similar situations.

Please contact the Training Team at [email protected] if you would like to know more about how this workshop could be tailored to fit the needs of your approved adopters, or to register your interest in any open workshops we may be running near you