The Department for Education is conducting research to look at the impact of Covid-19 on key drivers of persistent absence.

Research focus

As part of this work, the team is hoping to hear directly from pupils, parents and carers. The aim of the research is to:

  • Better understand the reasons for absence and how these reasons may have changed/continue to change in light of Covid-19
  • Hear thoughts and ideas around how absence can be reduced as we move into the Covid recovery period (approximately from Sept 2021-2023)

What would be involved?

Research sessions will run from 26th April- 12th May 2021.

Research with parents and carers 

Research sessions with parents and carers will last approximately 45-minutes and will be a discussion with a researcher from the DfE via video call. Another member of staff working on the project may join the session to take notes. 

Research with pupils

Research sessions with pupils will last approximately 30-minutes and will be a discussion with a researcher from the DfE via video call. We ask that a parent or carer is present during the interview. For pupil interviews, we will share the research questions beforehand. For pupils under 16, a legal guardian must provide consent for participation in the research. 

We are aware that capacity is stretched at the moment. As always, participation is voluntary. In addition, the team is willing to be flexible in order to suit your availability and will do their best to be able to accommodate this.

We may conduct further rounds of research, so please do get in touch even if you’re not available on these dates. 

Please be reassured that:

  • Your name will not be associated with any data that is collected during the session
  • There is no evaluative component to the research or right or wrong answers. We’re just interested in hearing your perspective and understanding your experiences

Interested in getting involved?

If you are interested in taking part in this work or can support our plans to reach others that may be interested in participating, please email [email protected]