FASD – fast, able, special, delight - words that sum up my son. 

Not a condition, not a label, not who he might never be. 

FASD describing something that happened before a single eye ever met his.  Perfectly, amazingly and wonderfully formed that is my son.  His brain does not see the world as I do.  His brain does not focus on the things that men might tell him he should. 

But my son is fantastic, affectionate, sociable and determined. 

His outlook on life is one that grabs it with both hands.  Sometimes a high speed, his ability to think and act like lightening is no match for my slower older brain. 

He’s able to see an opportunity and undertake the precise actions needed to achieve the goal he has in mind. 

For others it looks wilful, disobedient, out of control.  All words that have been used to describe my amazing, talented, fun loving and caring boy.  Words that do not eliminate to who he is, words that only achieve to discourage and reject.  And yet, he sees none of it. 

For him the world is full of adventures, excitement, places to go, things to see. 

His brain takes it all in, it reacts, it remembers, it recalls.  It might not do it in the order of yours or mine, but the detail that comes years later is often like reading the pages of an instruction book. 

For he has secret powers. 

Powers that only come from having a brain that is wired differently, that perceives the word through its senses.  A brain so strong some will never understand, but that is their loss not his. 

For he is fabulous, adorable, spectacular and driven.  

Some just see FASD.