25 days aggression free 

Now returned to a violence spree. 

My heart was full of joy and hope 

Now aching and struggling to cope. 


Once more I thought we'd turned a page 

But here I am again, the subject of such rage. 

I know inside he is feeling shame 

And carries the weight of guilt and self blame. 


Tomorrow is another day 

Calmer and happy I can but pray. 

Get up, move on and start again 

Try to forget the hurt and the pain. 


Day zero it is, and we start once more 

With a heavier heart and another smashed door 

Positive thoughts have disappeared 

And desperation's head has once again reared. 


10 years in and I haven't quit  

But I have been close, I must admit. 

I may have wavered, but I'm not done yet 

I'll keep on going, on that you can bet. 


I was picked to walk this difficult path 

To try and soothe this little boy's wrath 

Even after all the chao’s that's passed 

My love for him will never be surpassed