Over the years we didn’t feel there were many books available to helpour son understand his adoption journey. In more recent years, he hasasked a lot of questions such as, ‘How did you find me?’ and ‘Was I lost?’During the first lockdown I decided to write my first children’s book. It was a life changing experience. My goal was to write a colourful and engaging story that would help all children understand adoption better. Eddy Finds a Family is unique in that it explains both the parent and child’s journey through adoption.


My first book was a tribute to our son, which was incredibly motivating. Itmeant so much to give him this gift as his mummy. He is my chief editor, asking questions about the characters and commenting on the illustrations. It has been wonderful for him to have such involvement and having a child’s perspective helped fine-tune the story, so I hadconfidence it wouldappeal to many children and they would get great joy from the characters.


As the topic of adoption is extremely sensitive, I had to ensure the content was precise, accurate and up to date. I worked closely over several months with our social worker to proofread and edit everyfiner detail. 


I’m grateful to Adoption UK, who wrote such positive reviews and also agreed to endorse my second book, Eddy Feels at Home. This latest story focuses on Eddy settling in with his new family and highlights the ups and downs in the early stages of adoption. I am keen to keep building The Flamingo Family book series and am planning the next book Eddy Goes to School. I believe it is key for adoption to be discussed in primary education. I have engaged many school contacts and am working on introducing an Eddy school pack. Adoptive families are incredibly diverse, and I’m also looking for ways to adapt my original book idea to cover single parents and same sex couples. 


I have been delighted by the response to my books, and have had a lot of lovely messages from families. I also see a difference in my own son, who now identifies with Eddy and recognises that the stories relate to his life story. 


Please take a look at my website.www.theflamingofamily.co.uk

I share some fun free Eddy short stories and have a fortnightly blog covering various topics. Signed copies of my books are also available to buy here. I'm always open to ideas so please contact me [email protected].uk

Written by: Sarah McGeough