Today was ‘THE’ paediatric appointment.

It’s only taken two year since we first met them and 4 years since we first voiced our concerns. but we have left today with a FASD diagnosis with the sentinel facial features (SFF).

Nothing we didn’t already know, but at least now others around us need to take note and really start understanding. Paediatric was actually eventually very supportive and going to push for support.

And breathe deeply. 

At times seeking a diagnosis has felt like walking backwards up a mountain with our feet tied. Now time to re-adjust the view for everyone else around us, and help them see our amazing wee guy for the person he is and can be. 

Defiantly a mix of emotions. But mostly feelingly ‘eventually you see what we already know’.

We are now officially part of the statistics.

Now to get appropriate support to scaffold for a bright future. 

 @adoptioncake (Twitter)