There are just weeks to wait until this year’s Adoption UK Annual Conference.  

I’m feeling nostalgic about Harrogate. It was 2019 and there were hundreds of you in a lovely old hotel; plenty of hugging and laughter, as well as the more serious stuff. I also remember that it took me 8 hours to get home because there was a giant storm which flooded the railways.  

But that’s nothing compared to the storm we’ve all been weathering in the intervening years. That’s why I’m so looking forward to this year’s conference. Of course, I wish we were going to be physically together. But delegates will be joining us via a sophisticated online platform – Remo - which is the next best thing.  

Adopter Roz, who attended the Harrogate conference with her husband and son said: “For us it’s about reconnecting with people and remembering that you are part of a community. I’ve been able to share my experience with others and I feel like I have contributed to the learning taking place in the room.” Our hope is that Remo will give you the same sense of togetherness. 

I’ll be working as part of the AUK team on the day. But I’m an adoptive parent too, as are most of the team. My 15 year old needs professional help but won’t engage, and Conference is a day that always gives me an infusion of support and advice.  

We'll be tackling some of the big topics that matter to you includingeducation, mental health and post adoption support. We're excited to be joined by Eamon McCrory, Professor of Developmental Neuroscience and Psychopathology at UCL and Dr Amber Elliott, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Director of The Child Psychology Service. There will be panel discussions involving adopted people and education professionals, and you'll have the chance to ask questions and interact with speakers and presenters. There will also be networking sessions where delegates will be able to pre-book spaces in thematic rooms, such as parents of teenagers, LGBTQ+ parents, early days of placement and more. 

For more information and to book tickets click here: 

Whether you’re an AUK member or not, an adopted person, an adopter or a prospective adopter, or anyone else touched by adoption, you are warmly welcome. We can’t wait to see you all.  

Alison Woodhead, member of AUK Senior Leadership Team.