Adoption Week Scotland (AWS) is an annual event to promote awareness of adoption and its complexities, and to celebrate families. This year’s theme focuses on the critical need to listen to individuals and families about their experiences, acknowledging the need to support our adoption community through learning directly from those within it.

To achieve this we have been striving to ensure that we're elevating voices of out adoption community. Our programme of events offers a variety of different opportunities - webinars for parents and carers, an adoption fair for practitioners, parents, and prospective adopters, family and youth events for children and young people, and we're supporting the Scottish Adult Adoptee Movement to have their own platform through delivery of an online conference and in-person event.

This programme allows for the sharing of experiences and challenges, aspirations and concerns. The valuable insights gained from these events are a key part of Adoption Week, and we're proud to be facilitators of this space to pause and reflect on ongoing work and conversations, highlighting achievements and seeking input to shape future plans. 

This year we’re excited to be launching our youth project’s #E Zone, an online magazine with content planned and created by participants of our #E Project, where young people are supported to engage with peers, empower themselves and educate others through social, learning and development opportunities. The young people have been working hard behind the scenes on production of this exciting initiative. 

At the heart of the week lies our commitment to continued improvement of the ways we listen to support everyone’s experience of adoption.

What are some ways to support the experience of adoption in Scotland?

Adoption Week Scotland aims to remind everyone in our community of our role to play in this:

  • We can listen to adopted people and their families. Make space for different perspectives, stories and experiences, take the time to understand different needs and challenges, particularly where involved in delivery of public services that families come into contact with every day.
  • Be supportive and inclusive. Create an environment where adopted people and their families feel welcome and supported. This includes being open to acknowledging the unique challenges that they face and being responsive to their needs, and celebrating the diversity of care experienced families. 
  • Attend an event and find out more about the adoption landscape in Scotland. There are a variety of events happening throughout Scotland during Adoption Week, including information sessions, support groups, and family activities, or find out more about the services available for adoptive families at
  • Spread the word. Share information about Adoption Week Scotland on social media and with your friends and family.
  • By supporting Adoption Week Scotland, you can help to raise awareness of the needs of adopted people and their families, and you can show your support for our community in Scotland. By listening to and supporting the experience of adoption in Scotland, we can create a more inclusive and supportive society for all children and families.

- Fiona Aitken, director, Adoption UK Scotland

Adoption Week Scotland is co facilitated by Adoption UK Scotland and the Association for Fostering, Kinship and Adoption (AFKA) Scotland. There are a variety of events happening throughout Scotland during Adoption Week, including information sessions, support groups, family activities, and an Adoption Information Fair in Edinburgh.