The AUK Passport is a complete package of support for every prospective adopter – from initial enquiry, through to approval panel. 

The passport provides a comprehensive level of additional learning and a nurturing environment for all prospective adopters.  

  • Cost
    You can purchase access to the Passport programme for your adopters, from just £85 per adopter/couple. AUK Passport also includes full Adoption UK Family membership for 12 months, with access to all associated member benefits. 

  • Peer Support
    All Passport members will be assigned to a virtual cohort of other prospective adopters – they will progress through the programme with this cohort, creating a strong support network for their future family life. 
  • Virtual Meet Ups
    Each cohort will meet monthly, in a virtual setting, hosted by an experienced member of the Adoption UK team. The meetings are structured to support the learning and development needs of prospective adopters, as they progress through the assessment process and head towards panel.  

  • Training Programme
    Membership of AUK Passport includes 12-months access to the online learning programme, which features 10 carefully curated modules of learning and resources, with pre-recoded videos and webinars, factsheets and articles, an associated reading list and more. The module topics covered are: 
    • Journey to Adoption
    • The Adoption Process
    • Matching and beyond
    • Education
    • Parenting children with additional needs
    • The impact of trauma
    • Life-story and heritage
    • Contact and tracing
    • Parenting techniques
    • Learning from adopted people

Each module has a short summary questionnaire to check participants have understood the key elements of the learning.  

  • AUK Passport Certification
    Upon completing the learning programme and attending a minimum of 5 meetings with their cohort members can achieve AUK Passport Certification, which helps show social workers and panel how committed they are to understanding the role of an adoptive parent.  

If you would like to discuss the option for commissioning Passport for all your agency's prospective adopters then please email the membership team or call us on 0300 666 0006.