Why join us as an Agency Member?

Our UK teams, led by experienced adopters, work in partnership with local authority and voluntary agencies
across three distinct areas: adopter recruitment and preparation; delivery of innovative family support services;
and provision of professional support and development opportunities.

Agency Membership benefits are designed for social workers in all your adoption, family support and child protection teams. Share the details with colleagues today!

Support for your families Support for your teams
Adoption UK is a reassuring presence and trusted community for prospective adopters and adoptive families. Agency Membership helps you recruit adopters and provides discounted access to our support services for all your families. Plus it enables your agency to enjoy preferential rates on support products and services you
commission directly from us.
Working in children's services can be challenging and demanding. Our Agency Membership package places equal emphasis on supporting all social workers in contact with adoptive families, through regular information, discounted training and opportunities to connect with others. Plus, outside of work, your teams and their families can access all the rewards of our new Advantage scheme. 

Agency Membership benefits include:

  • Downloadable presentation materials, flyers and case studies
  • Access to regular virtual networking events including the 'Professional Connect' zoom meetings
  • Factsheets for your adopters
  • 25% off self-funded Family Membership for ALL your families' for the first 12 months
  • A members' logo to display on your agency's website and printed materials

  • Discounted professional online training courses for adoption practitioners - through AC Education
  • 6 copies of each issue of Adoption Today magazine
  • Discounts on book bundles and single online purchases from Jessica Kingsley Publishers
  • Discounted places for your social workers at Adoption UK events
  • Access for your social workers to retail, travel and lifestyle discounts, via our new Advantage scheme

Annual membership fees:

Agencies with an income less than £1million and individual local authorities with a population less than 100,000 £675 per financial year
Agencies with an income more than £1million and individual local authorities with population more than 100,000 £1,250 per financial year
Regional Adoption Agencies (RAAs). £3,000 per RAA per financial year
Regional Agency Collaboration in Wales £2,500 per collaboration per financial year

How to join

Download an Agency Membership flyer today for full details.

To purchase Agency Membership or to request any further information, contact the Membership Team on 01295 752252 or at [email protected]